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Parent Teacher Support Group 

Welcome to another great school year!  The goal of our organization is for parents, teachers, school staff and community members to work together in support of the children in our schools.  We would really appreciate your help.  We know that working together creates a more successful school experience for everyone.  The Parent Teacher Support Group (PTSG) meets at 3:45 p.m. on the first Thursday of each month at the Webster Elementary School Library.  During these meetings the officers, committee chairs, parents and teachers discuss upcoming events, share ideas, organize projects, discuss upcoming events, and decide how available funds will be spent.  All money brought in through fundraising is used to benefit children in the Marshfield School District.  It is important to have your input and vote on all matters concerning our school children.  Everyone in our community is a member.  There are no fees to join.  You do not have to attend these business meetings to be involved in PTSG!  You can volunteer to help on one of our committees at various times throughout the year.  As events approach, committee chairs will notify parents so they can sign up to help.  Below are the names of this year’s officers as well as a list of committees and chairpersons. 

2013-14 List of Officers, Representatives, and Chairpersons